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Authentic brand identities and graphic design for both aspiring and rooted businesses.

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  • Website Ads
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  • Business Card design


  • Book Covers
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  • Layout


  • Garnment Illustration



Brand design encompasses more than just a logo. Through a strategic process your business will receive a visually consistent brand identity and branding assets as unique and authentic as you are. Let's bring your brand to life. Contact me for packaging and pricing details.

Sarah Espinoza

Sarah Espinoza

Graphic Designer
Brand Identity Designer

My Story

Born and raised in Wisconsin, drawing was one of my favorite activities as a youngster. This hobby soon led to my passion for creative arts and determination to become a graphic designer. While pursuing my bachelor's degree at Eastern Michigan University I got my start in the design field by creating graphics and comics for my college's newspaper. The experience I gained from working at EMU has allowed me to branch out into different areas of of graphic design including logo design, publication design, content management, web advertisment, screenprinting, illustration and web design.

Today, I am open to all kinds of design work, although I am always drawn to startups and small to mid-size businesses in need of a way to express their brand. When I'm not working on my latest graphic design project, I enjoy writing and recording music with friends, camping and traveling with my family, and cooking new recipes with my husband.

If you like my work, please email me at . I can't wait to learn about you and your brand's design needs. Let's discuss how we can make something beautiful together!